Wedding tie tips

Your wedding day is one of life's very special moments. As the man's most visible accessory your choice of tie should match the day. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the groom's tie but traditionally there is a tendency toward white, cream or ivory ties to complement the wedding dress.

If the groom is wearing a white shirt choose a tie with some soft colour contrast such as the Aya Kawa gold 'Peony' tie or a strong textural element that you see in the Aya Kawa white 'Wisteria' or ivory 'Lilium' tie.

Alternatively choose a coloured tie with detailing that incorporates colours in the wedding dress or bouquet.

Similarly the groomsmen's ties should echo the colours in the bridesmaid's dress or bouquet. Careful planning goes into every aspect of the day and it should include considering the balance of colour in the photographs of the bridal party.

Surprise the bride to be with some forward research if you are a bit of a tie buff, as your wedding day has to be the perfect opportunity to splash out on a 'Limited Edition' Aya Kawa tie but don't panic if ties are not normally your thing.

These days not all men wear ties on a regular basis so an advance groomsman gift of tie or cufflinks can be a great way to get together to ensure you are all going to feel comfortable and confident with your look on the day.

The middle road of a Half Windsor knot is quite obtainable with U tube and a bit of practise. If even that is beyond you, ask a confident tie wearing friend to come along and do that for you on the day. Feeling comfortable and looking great means you can focus on the main feature - your bride to be.

Lynn Elzinga-Henry
Lynn Elzinga-Henry


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