Cuff Links

Buttons, as a means of fastening, were not used until the 13th century. Up until that time garments were held together with strings, pins or belts. The cufflink was created as a more decorative way of fastening two sides of a shirt cuff together.

In the 17th century the vogue was for lace edging to blouses and shirts that fell over the hand. Definitely decorative, but not generally practical, the nobles began using ribbon to tie the cuffs up. The idea to substitute jeweled buttons for the ribbon tie was quickly taken up by those that could. The elite classes favored the very ornate forms which could include miniature paintings on glass or quartz. By the 19th century the double cuff or French cuff had become fashionable and the middle class adopted cuff links albeit using rhinestones and paste as a substitute for diamonds, gold & silver. However it was not until 1924 that Mr Boyer of the Boyer company invented a tilting stick between a fixed base, that we would have the basis of the most commonly used fastener today.

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