Wedding Ties

September 29, 2011


What makes a good wedding tie

The best wedding tie is the one that makes you feel really special and that your partner loves you in. Sometimes, even on your wedding day, your partner may not share your taste in ties. What to do? No doubt there has been a great deal of discussion on colours and themes which may have covered your suit/shirt and whether or not you are having a button hole. The first step is to choose the tie that you really want. The second step is to match one of the colours in the tie to something in the whole wedding scheme. Ideally it will be also one that ties you in with your partner in some way but your suit or shirt or the wedding theme colours are also okay. Suggest that you have found the perfect tie to match or indeed to compliment whatever it is you have come up with. Who can resist a man who appears to make every effort to colour coordinate. Should this approach not have the desired effect ask your partner to help you find the perfect tie. Agree on some colours in advance and then be helpful and narrow the choice down in advance to 4 or 5 that you like. Chances are that you'll both make the right choice. If your favourite tie is not the best choice for a wedding then tell your friends and family about it because a fabulous tie makes a fabulous present particularly when the giver knows that the receiver really wants it.