Woven Silk Ties

Throughout the collection all ties are hand stitched from 100% silk woven on a 2400 hook jacquard loom and wrapped around 100% woollen interlining. We hope you enjoy browsing the collection of Ayakawa's woven silk ties! 

Woven silk ties however have a series of limitations on one hand and possibilities on the other. Although there is a glorious array of glowing silk threads for the designer to work with the colours of the warp thread (the basic background vertical structure onto which the horizontal threads are woven) are quite limited. Furthermore it is desirable to use only three or four different coloured threads because the fabric will become too thick with more. Unlike printing where a given colour goes just where you want it, the different coloured threads must be carried through the whole weaving so they are available to appear when required.

To add yet another dimension of complexity special jacquard looms can be used to set sections of the design in relief to the surface and add an extra textural dimension. The skill of the designer is to work to the strengths of this age old tradition. The designer must be able to visualize the change to depth and tone as one coloured thread is laid up next to the other to produce a balanced woven silk tie.