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The Wedding is All About the Bride?

Traditionally, weddings have been all about the bride. The tradition dates back to times when the wedding was a union between two families, as much as two people, and the brides gown was a show of the social status of the family of the bride. This tradition has continued into the ages where brides wear the latest fashion crafted out of the richest fabrics money can buy. The bridesmaid’s outfits are also given lengthy consideration. Whilst these outfits must not outshine the bride, they too are glamorous and intended to be kept as mark of the day.. In contrast, the groom and groomsmen are often left to salvage their outfits (suit, ties & cuffs) from the racks of a suit hire shop. At Aya Kawa, we believe it’s not only the women involved in a wedding party who should be walking away with something to remember.

The First Wedding Tie - The silk tie pictured below is of a white and pink peony tie (this tie is now sold out but is available in other colour ways) which I designed for the wedding of my son. Since weaving the silk for that first tie (at that point silk tie making was more of a hobby which flowed from my work as a silk painter), our ties have featured at numerous weddings around Australia. Whilst Aya Kawa was not originally conceived specifically to make silk ties for weddings, it appears that's the reason that many of our customers call us - and it gives us great pleasure. Whilst we no longer make ties to order, we now offer a broad range of colours in our collection which will match almost any of the bridesmaid's dresses. If you cannot find what you need on the web, please give us a call as we have some unique ties in our studio which we never photograph for the web. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of wedding ties and we trust you will find something to help make the wedding day as special and memorable for the men as it is for the ladies. Lastly, If you would like to have ties for all the grooms men, we offer a free tie with any purchase of more than 3 ties.

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Aya Kawa offers a wide range of ivory ties, white floral ties & champagne ties to match almost any wedding dress.

A Wedding Tie to Remember

Aya Kawa silk ties are handmade from 100% woven silk. Our ties are made in very small numbers, ensuring that they are unique pieces unlikely to be seen elsewhere. We offer our ties as a way of ensuring the groom & his wedding party leave the day with a tie which will forever commemorate the wedding day. We are happy to discuss with any bridal party the wedding ties, cuffs and colour requirements that will help ensure that the groomsmen look almost (but not quite) as good as the ladies. We hope our range of wedding ties and cuffs can make the day special for all involved. 

Photographer - Photographic Art: The Gold Coast wedding photographers.

Your wedding day is one of life's very special moments. As the man's most visible accessory your choice of tie should match the day. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the groom's tie but traditionally there is a tendency toward white, cream or ivory ties to complement the wedding dress.

If the groom is wearing a white shirt choose a tie with some soft colour contrast such as the Aya Kawa gold 'Peony' tie or a strong textural element that you see in the Aya Kawa white 'Flower' (pictured above) or ivory 'Lilium' tie. 

Similarly the groomsmen's ties should echo the colours in the bridesmaid's dress or bouquet. Careful planning goes into every aspect of the day and it should include considering the balance of colour in the photographs of the bridal party. Here the groomsmen are wearing the Ayakawa pink and white 'Floral' tie



Surprise the bride with some forward research if you are a bit of a tie buff, as your wedding day has to be the perfect opportunity to splash out on a 'Limited Edition' Aya Kawa tie but don't panic if ties are not normally your thing.

These days not all men wear ties on a regular basis so an advance groomsman gift of tie or cufflinks can be a great way to get together to ensure you are all going to feel comfortable and confident with your look on the day.

The middle road of a half windsor knot is quite obtainable with U tube and a bit of practise. Even if that is beyond you, ask a confident tie wearing friend to come along and do that for you on the day. Feeling confident and looking great means you can focus on the main feature - your bride to be.

What makes a good wedding tie




Cuff Links as a Gift

Whilst most of the work in the lead up to any wedding is often tasked to the ladies, it is occasionally nice to also say thank you to the men involved. Aya Kawa Cuff links are the perfect gift for the groomsmen in the bridal party. Not only will they walk away with a unique set of cuff links to commemorate the day, they will also look and feel like they are dressed for a special occasion. We hope our wide range of unique cuff links and silk ties can ensure the wedding day is both enjoyed and remembered.



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