Bow Ties

If you want to be as cool as the Rat Pack, spend 10 minutes with You-tube and a mirror and learn to tie your own bow tie :) 

Long before the rat pack, the bowtie or more literally the tie that incorporates a bow started life as the cravat that was a scarf worn by Croatian mercenaries to hold together the opening of their shirts. One alternative to the cravat was a neck cloth known as a 'stock' in the 18th and 19th century and was fastened in the back rather than the front like a cravat. The front of the 'stock' had a bow that closely resembled a pre tied bow tie. So in a variety of ways and means the bowtie has been there throughout the history of neck cloths.

After lots of requests Aya Kawa now has a small collection of self tie bowties. Some are adjustable but all are custom made so that you will never have to fiddle with clips or clasps to have the perfect fit. Because we design the fabric for your bowtie, the design remains exclusive to Aya Kawa. All custom made bowties are made in our Adelaide Hills design studio and are limited to 20 in any one design.