Hand Made Ties

Arguably the most crucial element in determining how your tie will perform is the way it is made. The pattern for the tie is laid on the bias of the fabric, in three parts, at 45degrees to the angle of the thread. This is critical as a tie that is not cut on the bias will not hang straight or recover well after wearing. Once the tie has been cut out the blade and tail are 'tipped' or lined, usually with a slightly lighter weight of fabric in a contrasting colour. In a good quality tie this should be the only section that is sewn by machine. With all sections joined together the material and seams are lightly pressed and the interlining is inserted into the blade. The fabric is then folded and pinned over this interlining to form a straight seam down the back of the tie. At this point, a skilled hand sewer, using a heavy silk thread carefully catches together the silk, the lining and the interlining without touching the fabric on the front of the tie. It is the nature of this slip stitch which allows the tie to move and recover when you wear and knot your tie without stressing or pulling the fabric. 

All Aya Kawa ties are hand made in small quantities. The silk we use in our ties is designed in Australia and woven on a 2400 hook jacquard loom. This silk is then wrapped around 100% lambs wool interlining. We hope you enjoy perusing the range of hand made silk ties by Aya Kawa.