Unique Ties

 Aya Kawa Unique Ties

“There are millions of ties worn every day however most of them are largely forgettable.” – The Weekender Herald, July 2011

Unique Silk Ties

Aya Kawa Ties are made for those people looking for a unique tie. Aya Kawa is one of the few companies that take full control of the tie making process, from choosing the silk yarns from which to weave the silk, to the design and weaving of the silk to be used in the making of the tie, right through to the design of the ties width, length and choice of interlining. When all these decisions are made independently and combined for every tie produced we are left with a truly unique product.

Solids, Spots & Stripes

The menswear isles across the globe are stocked with silk ties however surprisingly almost all of them are from three simple designs – solids, spots & stripes (occasionally you may find a paisley tie). Whilst these ties may be suitable for many occasions, for tie wearers looking for something different, none of our ties are made with these designs. Whether it is a wedding, a day at the races or the opening of a gallery, we have tried to create unique ties that allow the wearer to have something different from the crowd – something truly unique.

Special Occasions, Special Ties

Many of our customers visit us with an occasion in mind. Whether it’s a splash of colour that needs to be added to the outfit of the grooms-men, or that floral finish to a race day outfit, we are honoured to be the tie of choice for your special occasion. By weaving our ties on a 2400 hook loom using only the finest silk yarns, we ensure that our ties give texture and life to any outfit. We look forward to providing unique ties for any special occasion.


Aya Kawa was created to produce unique ties for special occasions and we hope we have something for your special day!


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